Our Commitment to Innovation

enabling technology

This satellite technology will give you and your employees peace of mind throughout the duration of the move.  The needs of our customers have evolved over time; thankfully, so has our technology. Some of our impressive new technologies include shipment tracking, so you and your employees always know where your big shipment is during your corporate relocation.

No matter where in the world your employees are traveling to, with our shipment tracking, you can rest-assured that your employees will know exactly where your possessions are at any given moment. With so many details to keep track of during your employee's relocation, it's comforting to know precisely where valued possessions are during transport. As part of our corporate relocation services, our satellite-equipped trucks allow your employees to keep in touch with their possessions at all times.

A Technologically Advanced Corporate Relocation Company

Making use of today's technology is a vital way for North American Van Lines to continue to make our moving process streamlined, while minimizing the costs for customers. We have developed our own computerized shipment tracking system for providing our customers online tracking via northamerican.com for every move we handle. Our North American Van Lines' agents receive instant data communications on each shipment via a national computer network, helping them run a more economical and efficient business. North American Van Lines is able to stay in touch with our network of over 4,200 qualified drivers by utilizing satellite tracking and email.

These systems support our network, as they work in harmony to protect and speed-up customer shipments, any day of the year.