Our Commitment To Diversity

diversity initiatives

Our workforce is just as diversified as our corporate relocation services.  North American Van Lines knows that the more diverse your employees, the greater your need for unique moving solutions - a need that only a van line committed to diversity can fulfill. At North American Van Lines, we understand how important diversity is to the overall functioning and prosperity of the workplace environment, whether it's at yours or ours.

National Minority Supplier Development Council

National Minority Supplier Development Council

North American Van Lines embraces the concept of workforce diversity and minority business development. We demonstrate an ongoing dedication toward equal opportunities for all, both as a global employer and a purchaser of services. North American Van Lines is working to help customers achieve their own minority business development objectives, as well.

  • We are committed to purchasing goods and services from minority-owned businesses/enterprises, such as a diverse cross-section of drivers and front line service providers.
  • We have established a Minority Business Development Council to ensure that our minority business development objectives are met.
  • North American Van Lines actively participates in the "Welfare to Work" Program, a national effort of the business community to help move those on public assistance to jobs in the private sector.

We continue to strive toward improving our offerings, from corporate relocation services to a strong, diversified workforce. Our continuous dedication to diversity initiatives is tireless, and we will persist to strengthen our position as a global employer. North American Van Lines is committed to the further success of our ongoing diversity initiatives, knowing full well their importance as a key ingredient in a formula for a better world.