Claims Prevention

We provide our customers with many different forms of protection for their belongings as part of our corporate relocation services, including valuation coverage options.

At North American Van Lines, we work hard to make sure your employee's belongings do not incur any damage or are lost while in our hands during corporate relocation. Sometimes, these aforementioned instances of misfortune are unavoidable. However, through our innovative claims prevention methods, we can accurately determine the most frequent causes of damage and loss, then produce solutions to prevent their occurrence.

The Protection Your Corporate Relocation Company Offers

When handling your employee's shipment during a corporate relocation, we take the utmost precaution. We constantly consider the safety and security of your employee's belongings, from the packing and loading to transportation and unloading. Our expert movers, skilled drivers and unmatched equipment standards all work together to prevent any damage or loss to belongings.

Various coverage options are in place to protect your employee's assets should they incur damage. At no extra charge, we offer basic liability coverage. However we recommend your employee opts for full valuation coverage as our basic liability plan is the bare minimum when it comes to coverage. With full valuation coverage, your employee's belongings will be replaced or repaired at their full value.

Proactive Efforts Your Corporate Relocation Company Takes

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and because of that, we take many proactive efforts to prevent damage from happening to your employee's possessions. North American Van Lines uses "stretch wrap," heavy gauge plastic sheeting that protects upholstered and leather furniture from rips, spills and stains. This has eliminated the most commonly filed damage claim in the industry. Stretch-wrap is a standard procedure for North American Van Lines professionals, as well as the carpet cover. Our movers simply unroll an adhesive backed carpet protector over a customer's carpet, thus protecting it against dirt and grime.

Every year, we review the frequency of claims for each item, and then select the top claim culprits. Through careful studies, North American Van Lines comes up with innovative ways to prevent these instances. The results of our claim studies have contributed to major improvements in customer satisfaction and have had a significant impact on North American Van Lines' claims reductions.

In the unlikely event that damage does occur, we will make the process of resolving claims simple through quick, easy claim filing. Your employees can file claims online or request a paper copy of a claim form that will be mailed to them. North American Van Lines then works to resolve claims expeditiously by offering cash settlements or repairs.

The Corporate Relocation Company Offering Full Protection

We pull out all of the stops to make sure your employee's move is fully protected through measures such as using stretch wrap and carpet covers to protect possessions during a move. In the improbable occurrence that items are lost or damaged, our valuation coverage options ensure that your employees are compensated accordingly. We pay attention to every move in order to correct any past mistakes and lessen the chances of them ever occurring again in the future. By providing your employees with state-of-the-art claims prevention as a party of your corporate moving services, we are guaranteeing your company and employees a streamlined and successful corporate relocation.