7 Tips For Moving In The Rain

Fall is here and so is the cool, crisp, wet weather which is great for snuggling up indoors but not so great for moving. Moving in the rain comes with its own set of trials and tribulations but here are a few tips we professionals recommend using if you end up moving in the rain. 

Load Up On Garden Bags

No, don’t throw everything away! Use the large garden garbage bags to protect any items you don’t want getting wet. Lampshades, clothing, couch cushions, you name it. All of those items can be easily protected within heavy duty garbage bags. 

Create A Packing/Unpacking Headquarters 

If possible, create a designated area where you can load and unload from--preferably a place that is dry like a covered porch or garage. That way you can unload items to the packing headquarters and from there, those that are dry (or later once you’ve dried off) you can move things indoors. 

Set Up An Assembly Line

Teamwork is key! Create an assembly line of sorts to help keep the inside of your home as dry as possible. Those up for some moisture can be tasked with unloading from the truck and taking items to the Unpacking Headquarters (see above). Those that prefer to remain dry can take items from the Unpacking Headquarters inside the dry house. 

Have Extra Towels & Rags On Hand

Ensure you have extra towels and rags on hand to dry off items that may get wet during transit or during your unpacking process. This is particularly important for items made of wood. 

Create Cover

If at all possible, erect a pop up tent or install a temporary awning to keep your moving assembly line as dry as possible. 

Unpack Wet Items Immediately 

If boxes get wet during your move, try to open and unpack items inside quickly so as to allow the items to dry rather than letting them sit in wetness for an extended period of time. 

Hire a Full Service Mover 

If all of this sounds like a huge hassle, perhaps hiring a full-service mover is the best option for you. Let us, the professionals, handle your rainy day move for you so you can decrease the amount of stress surrounding your move. Stay dry, stay happy, and choose North American Van Lines for your fall or winter move!


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