Prague’s Medieval Landscape Boasts Well for Migrating Americans

According to, Prague is considered one of the top 10 places to live in the world for American expats. Known as a perfect hybrid of Eastern and Western Europe, the country is well known for its affordable cost of living mixed with a rich culture.

With over 10 million people already, why is the Czech Republic such a desired country for Americans to migrate to? Many attribute Prague alone to a rich culture, beautiful landscape and Medieval architecture but it’s also well known for recently joining the European Union, creating more international jobs than ever before. Despite the difficulty in learning the language, luckily there are enough English-speaking residents to get by. 

Established in the 8th century, the area was actually populated as early as 500 BCE by a Celtic tribe who named the region Bohemia, then various Germanic tribes into the Medieval era. Prague quickly became a melting pot of Eastern and Western Europeans and was named the capital of the new Czech Republic in 1993. Other benefits to living in Prague include:

  • Residents drive and park on sidewalks for quick trips, which could be helpful when you’re in a hurry.

  • Experience the traditional comfort food of the Czech Republic, showcasing stews and gravies.

  • Public transportation in Prague is known for being easy and inexpensive.

  • Check out Prague’s stunning Medieval architecture, including the world’s largest castle.

  • Walk across the famous Charles Bridge, which is almost 700 years old.

  • Visit the Old Town Hall Tower, which houses the Astronomical Clock from the 1400s.

Prague’s average annual salary is just shy of $35,000. Only foreigners with a permanent residence permit for the Czech Republic can buy a home, so typically new residents will rent before purchasing. The rental market in Prague is very competitive and moves fast so plan ahead. A standard three-room flat in the city will rent for about $470-$1,400 per month. 

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