U.S. Metro City Spotlight: Moving to Omaha, NE

Did you know Omaha, NE’s population increased by 17% since the most recent census? That’s a metro population of almost 1 million people. According to U.S. News, Omaha is listed as the No. 25 Best Place to Live in the U.S. because of its continuous low cost of living and a steady job market. Known for more than just steaks and Warren Buffett, the region welcomes new residents into “the good life” of Midwestern values and neighborliness. 

Why is Omaha such a desired city to relocate to? The city has a diverse art culture, excellent foodie scene and is also a well-known college town. This creates a mix of young, vibrant people and a strong workforce. In addition, Forbes recently ranked Omaha as the No. 7 best city to raise a family due to good schools, housing affordability and a low crime rate.

First settled in the early 1840s by claim jumpers and pioneers, Omaha’s rich Midwestern culture quickly emerged as the largest city in Nebraska by 1860. The area experiences four distinct seasons, an entrepreneurial spirit and pride in its American west past. Other features of Omaha include:

  • Visit the Old Market, a historic section of town with cobbled streets and preserved buildings

  • Trivia night competitions are very popular to attend

  • Many residents enjoy tailgating for an upcoming sporting event

  • Partake in the arts and music scene and find out why Omaha is named home of Indie Rock

  • Attend the infamous Joslyn Art Museum for free

  • Check out Paths of Discovery, a paved trails system of more than 85 miles for walkers, bicyclists, skaters and even cross-country skiing in the winter

Omaha’s median household income is $82,945 and the average home sale price is $303,980. While the average annual salary and cost of living is lower than other parts of the country, the area continued to remain steady during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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