The Procrastinator’s Guide to Unpacking

After a big move, all you want to do is relax but you still have the next big step left: unpacking. While many of us like the idea of starting fresh, decorating and getting comfortable in our new home, many of us are also tired and not looking forward to the large job that is at hand. Procrastination, the common practice of delaying essential tasks until the last minute, sets in. As the urge to mount your T.V. and set up camp for a few days is strong, we can all agree binge watching will be that much sweeter when you’re all unpacked.

Here is the ultimate procrastinator’s guide to unpacking: 

Pack the Essentials

This is a step you need to do before you move. Plan ahead and pack key essentials you’ll need right away for a few days, including toiletries, kitchen needs and a change of clothes. Label this box clearly and make sure you’ll be able to find it easily when you’re in your new place. Having the necessities at your fingertips will enable you to get unpacking easily.

Forgiveness and Strategy

The first step is forgiveness. Give yourself a little grace and realize unpacking is a big job. It’s OK to allow the task to span a certain amount of time. Then, come up with a strategy that will actually work with your schedule. Parsing the project out in rooms or time blocking will help tackle each line item instead of looking at the project as a whole.

Make a Calendar

At the office you might be familiar with a project manager who helps break up a huge project into smaller tasks with a corresponding deadline for each item. This roadmap helps you stay on track but also keeps the procrastinators at bay because there’s a clear plan to follow. Consider using a large white board or wall calendar to put your unpacking plan into a life-sized section on a wall.

Plan a Layout

Knowing where things are supposed to go ahead of time makes the unpacking process feel easier. Try sketching out furniture and wall hangings before you start, giving both you and movers clear direction on where large items will be placed. If you label boxes as you pack, you’ll also be able to make sure the right boxes land in the proper rooms. 

Time Block

Just like you might time block tasks for work, try blocking out a set amount of time each day for unpacking. One hour designated for unpacking the kitchen, for instance, will surprise you how much you can get done. In fact, studies show that by forcing yourself to work on the task for just one hour usually acts as the jumpstart you need to continue working even longer.


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