How to Prepare for a Work Relocation

Read our post on what you should prepare for when relocating for work.

A relocation for work can be exciting – and intimidating. The work challenges you’ll take on may be rewarding but require you to uproot your life and family. It’s also a lot of work, even if your employer handles all the move arrangements (they probably don’t).  Here’s how to prepare for a work relocation.

The Relocation Package

Find out exactly what’s in your relocation package. Who is responsible for booking the movers? Will the company pay upfront for the move, or will they reimburse you up to a certain amount? Establish what the company will cover, how much they’ll pay towards moving and temporary housing costs, and what costs you’ll be called on to shoulder yourself. Get any changes and upgrades in writing.

Develop a Budget

You’ll want a budget for the moving costs you must cover up front or out of pocket. But you should also develop a monthly budget for your new location. Housing may be more (a lot more if you’re relocating from the Midwest to California or New York), taxes may be higher, and

Establish a Timeline

Your employer probably gave you a date for when they would like you in place in your new location. Now you need to work back from that date to figure out when you’ll need to have housing in place, when the movers will arrive, and (if you aren’t using a packing service) when you’ll need to be packed.

Research Your New City

You’ll want to conduct some initial online research as well as make an in-person visit. Research neighborhoods and suburbs and identify areas that you and your family would like to live. If you have kids, you’ll need to investigate schools as well as home prices, availability and commuting factors. While it’s possible to rent an apartment or buy a home site unseen, it’s best to make appointments online and make in-person visit to look at places. It’s also a good idea to make a dry run of the commute before signing a lease or making an offer on a property.

Identify What’s Moving and Reserve a Moving Crew

Identify what you’ll be moving with you, as moving costs are based on weight of goods moved and distance they’re moved. Reserve your movers as soon as you have a moving date and an address to deliver it to. If your move timeline is tight, you may want to opt for putting items into storage while you live in a temporary space and look for a permanent home.

Identify Needs for Your New Location

Make a to-do list of things you and your family will need to replicate once you’ve moved.  That includes everything from finding healthcare providers and insurance agents, to fitness centers, scout troops and churches. Include updating licenses, vehicle registrations, getting library cards, and revising auto and property insurance policies.

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