Moving Day Safety Tips

When moving day comes around safety is probably the last thing on your mind. But taking the time to be safe will make your day less stressful by not having to take any unwanted trips to the emergency room. Read these tips to keep you and everyone safe and healthy.
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Moving day is stressful. If you’re not careful, it can also be dangerous. From scrapes and cuts to more serious health risks, here are some moving day safety tips to keep your move on track and you out of the emergency room.  

Perhaps the most obvious cause of injuries on moving days is from lifting heavy objects. Hiring movers who know how to lift will go along way to help keep you safe, but shifting boxes and furniture before and after the movers arrive can cause injuries. Use small and medium boxes to limit box weight. If you do have to pick up boxes, lift with your legs, not your back.

Another obvious cause of injuries is falls. Keep stairs and walkways clear of rugs, boxes and other small items that can be tripping hazards. And while unpacking, keep the path clear of packing materials, unpacked items and especially, box cutters, as these are slipping hazards.

Your moving day shoe choice is important. Athletic shoes or work boots that provide traction are your best choice and will help prevent slips, falls, twisted ankles and sprains. Do not wear sport sandals; you want your toes protected from dropped boxes and sharp corners.

It’s inevitable that you’ll need to stack boxes but be careful not to stack them too high. This will make getting the box off the top difficult, and could cause boxes to fall. Keep stacks to three or four, depending on the size of the boxes and your height. Also be careful when stacking to keep fragile boxes on top; do not stack boxes of books on top of breakable items.

Blisters, cuts and scrapes are all possibilities on moving day, as mishaps with box cutters, serrated edges of tape dispensers, and boxes themselves are all common. It’s a good idea to have a small first aid kit handy; nothing is worse than needing a bandage and not having one handy. While you’re at it, add allergy medications and a bottle of pain reliever: Moving day will not go better if you have a headache or extreme allergy symptoms.

Dehydration is a serious risk on moving day, especially if it’s also warm and sunny. If you have a dry mouth and feel thirsty, you are already beginning to experience symptoms. Other symptoms include. headaches and dizziness. Provide water bottles for everyone during the move to avoid dehydration.

In hot weather, heat exhaustion be a serious health risk. If the temps are high (90s or above), be sure to drink plenty of water and have a cooling area to retreat to. Watch out for dizziness, muscle cramps, nausea, fatigue and faintness. Heat exhaustion can lead to heat stroke, which can be deadly.

Safety is our top priority for our customers and staff when moving, let us take some of the stress out of your move. Start here to see how we can help you with your next move.

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