5 Things to Consider When Choosing a New Town or City

We have 5 things you should consider when choosing a new city or town. Learn more with our post.
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One of the benefits to the fact that our world is shrinking is we have more options for choosing where we want to live. On the other hand, sometimes we can get overwhelmed with all the choices available. When you can live just about anywhere in the world, how do you settle on one location? We have five things consider when choosing a new town or city.

1) Employment Opportunities
Unless you’re retired or you have a job that lets you work from anywhere, the first thing you’ll need to consider when deciding on a new hometown is the employment opportunities there. Are there good jobs in that area for which you are qualified? If you don’t have a job lined up before you move, make sure you have a good shot at landing a job once you get there.

2) Cost of Living
You should estimate your expected income when you move and how much it’s going to cost you to live there. Do your research and find out what the average median income per household is in the area. Look into the cost of everyday staples like food, water, electricity, gas and water to have a better understanding of how it will affect your budget. Taxes also effect your cost of living; you will want to look at state income, property, and sales tax rates.

If you’re retired and living on a fixed income, it’ll be even more important to check how much you can expect to pay in your desired hometown.

3) Weather
Weather is one of the biggest reasons people relocate. If you currently live somewhere with brutally cold winters, maybe you want to move where it’s warmer, or somewhere by the ocean with moderate temperatures.

But don’t forget that it’s about more than temperature. If you want it warm, but can’t stand the humidity, you’ll want to move somewhere that’s warm and dry. If you prefer a wet climate, look for towns and cities that meet that requirement.

4) Support
You may want to move to a town or city where you already have friends and/or family to make the transition easier. They can be social and emotional support, can introduce you to their social and professional networks, and recommend the best pizza place.  Having someone to show you the area will help you get your bearings faster.

5) Extracurricular Activities
Everyone has activities or hobbies, so check that the area has what makes you happy. If you’re a night owl, look for towns and cities that have a vibrant night life. You’re a foodie, you will want a town or city that has lots of restaurants to choose from, especially if their chefs like to experiment. Maybe you recently made a lifestyle change to be more active, so you should look for a place that has hiking or bike paths. Also, look to see if there are clubs or organizations to join, this a good way to also make friends.

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