5 Reasons You Need An Established Moving Company For International Move

While all employee relocations have their challenges, employees relocating to a new country face even more intensive planning and preparation that includes immigration, cultural assimilation and language differences. Settling in quickly, among familiar furnishings and belongings, can go a long way to helping your relocating employee adapt to their new country quickly and seamlessly, which helps them to quickly focus on their new work responsibilities. Read below to learn how a professional mover with international experience is one of the most important services you can provide.
5 Reasons You Need an Established Moving Company for International  Relocations in 2020

For many relocating employees, moving is a significant and, at times, momentous life event. Moving to a new city or state can be challenging and requires significant planning and preparation to be done right. For those employees relocating to a new country, however, the level of planning and preparation required is even more intensive, with additional concerns such as immigration, cultural expectations, and language differences becoming a part of the equation. Arriving in a new country can be a jarring experience for some, especially when they need to start putting down roots. Being surrounded by their belongings and furnishings early on helps relocating employees and their families build a sense of home by creating a comforting and familiar environment. However, there are challenges unique to international relocation that make it essential for HR professionals to partner with a reliable moving company that is seasoned in international relocation. Customs, greater distances, and other logistical challenges need to be prepared for and navigated appropriately to ensure a smooth relocation to a new country. With so much to think about and many moving parts to manage, having a professional moving company with international expertise in your corner can make a world of difference.

Professional moving companies with proven records of excellence provide many benefits to those moving employees abroad. Read on to learn the 5 key reasons you need an established, global moving company for your international relocations.

1.  Keeping Costs Low

Moving companies who are experienced in international relocation often have extensive networks and supply chain partners which not only aid in their efficacy but also help bring down costs. Larger moving and relocation companies are able to leverage their size to demand preferential service at highly competitive prices. Moreover, it enables them to provide your company with options that can bring costs down without compromising on service. From choosing the right mix of shipping container options to providing expert advice on items that may be more costly than they are worth to move, the experience and large networks of sizeable moving companies keep your international relocations in budget without compromising on quality.

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2.  Pack it & Track it

As with all moves, domestic and international, having professional movers means that your employee’s belongings are in good hands. Opting for professional packing and moving services from reputable moving companies gives you the reassurance that your employee’s treasured items are always packed and handled with the greatest care. Items are individually wrapped using new packing materials and cartons. Each carton is always labeled accurately with the customer’s name, room, and contents. Furnishings and appliances are padded and if needed, double wrapped and crated. In short, every effort is made to get your employee’s items to them in the same condition they were prior to the move. Once the shipment is packed, professional and experienced moving companies offer precise tracking systems. These systems allow your employee to follow the key stages involved in the move and easily track items, reducing stress and helping them plan more effectively for the arrival of their shipment.

3. You’ve Got Choices

Containerizing is an important part of international household goods moves. Using an established moving company means that you are working with seasoned professionals who can offer options in terms of how your employee’s items are transported and provide guidance on the most suitable type of container. Air shipments are loaded into wooden or corrugated containers while ocean shipments come in two sizes, large and small. Small ocean shipments are loaded into waterproof wooden liftvans and large ocean shipments are placed into steel steamship containers. Professional moving companies will provide your employee with a dedicated relocation consultant who will help them choose the right option or combination of options that work within the given budget and timeline. 

4.  Full Valuation & Protection Plans

While working with professional movers helps to mitigate damage to items, sometimes the unexpected can happen. That is why established household goods moving companies offer full valuation and protection plans to all relocating employees, both domestic and international. Full valuation provides comprehensive coverage for valuable possessions in the event that an item is lost or damaged beyond repair. Prior to your employee’s move, he or she will work with the moving company to identify the appropriate level of coverage for the shipment based on the information provided in their valued inventory form. Adequate coverage for all items means that your relocating employee will be provided with full reimbursement for the replacement cost of the lost, stolen, or damaged item. In addition to protecting their items in transit, international moves involve storage time due to shipments needing to be held in customs. Storage protection plans are offered through professional moving companies and will automatically extend if, for whatever reason, the shipment is held beyond the initial plan’s timeframe. Transit protection is another type of plan that is offered to protect a relocating employee’s motor vehicles should they be making the trip as well. Since professional movers take great care in the handling and packing of items, moving companies are able to confidently offer guaranteed coverage that is supported by an effective claims process to rectify any damage or losses.

5.  Customs Navigation

When planning an international move it is important to look for a moving company that is a C-TPAT member. C-TPAP is the U.S. Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism. Member companies in C-TPAP meet strict adherence standards pertaining to security and safety. In order to remain members these companies participate in annual revalidation audits, submit to onsite visits, identify all network supply chain partners, and conduct in-depth examinations of the key roles and processes involved in shipment handling performed by network suppliers. C-TPAP member companies provide tangible benefits to their clients who have employees moving internationally. Namely, member companies are able to save their clients time and money by being able to offer priority scheduling for customs exams. Priority scheduling for your employee’s shipment means it clears faster, reducing the time it takes to reach its destination. In saving time, it also saves your company money by reducing the amount of time an employee’s shipment remains in customs storage for which there are fees that accrue. C-TPAT member moving companies get shipments to your relocating employees faster and more affordably.

Did you know that professional relocation providers offer a wealth of services to make international moves a breeze?  To learn more about these services, download our guide, The Essential Guide to International Relocations.

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