How to Work a Vacation into Your Cross-Country Move

Moving can be stressful for almost anybody. If you're nervous about the effect that a move can have on you and your family, learn more about the ways to ease a vacation into your moving schedule to help cope with this tense time.

Family packing their belongings in a car getting ready for a cross-country vacation.Moving is all about opportunities. One opportunity that a cross-country move offers is the ability to have a vacation in the middle of your move. There are a couple of practical benefits to doing this. You have to get from Point A to Point B, and there’s a whole lot of interesting things on the way. Your belongings are going to take several days to several weeks to arrive, depending on scheduling. But most importantly, moves are stressful, and a vacation can help your entire family distress. So how do you work a vacation into the middle of your cross-country move?

Make planning a vacation a part of your moving plan. This way, you can set a delivery date with the moving company that gives you plenty of time for a vacation. If the idea of a vacation occurs to you after the move is booked, see if the moving company can push the delivery date back a few days.

Based on the date you need to be at your new house and ready for the movers to deliver, figure out how many days you’ll have. Pull up a map of the country and see what’s in between your current home and your destination. There are national parks and monuments in all lower 48 states, to say nothing of state historical sites, amusement parks, great cities, and secluded lakes. You can either plan your route based on what you’d like to see, which means you may drive out of your way, or you plan what to see based on the most direct route.

You should also think about whether you want a hopscotch vacation, where you drive shorter distances to a new destination every couple days. This is the true advantage of combining your move and a vacation, and can visit lots of places along the way and still feel like you’re making progress toward reaching your destination. The downside is you won’t get much time in any one place.

If your company is reimbursing you for mileage, basing your vacation off the route might be the way to go. You should also find out what your company will reimburse besides mileage. If you know you get four nights worth of hotels and four days worth of meals, you’ll be better able to set a vacation budget

If money is tight but you still want to work in a vacation, design a low-cost vacation. For instance, if you’re driving past a big city but can’t afford to spend the night in the city, you can spend the night on the outskirts, spend the day being a tourist, then drive out of town and stay on the outskirts again. If your family is outdoorsy, seek out state park campgrounds for overnight stays. Or you can find a rental cabin and spend a few days relaxing.

After a few days of vacation, the stress of getting ready for the move should wear off, and you’ll find your family is ready to tackle the unpacking and settling into your new home. So why not work a vacation into the middle of your cross-country move?

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