Packing Hacks to Make Moving Easier

Make packing for your move easier with these tips. Whether you're struggling with the kitchen or your closets, we have easy solutions that will help you get your household packed.

It’s no surprise that one of the things people dread most about moving is the packing. It’s tedious, time consuming, and hard work. If you don’t do it well, you might end up having to replace all your dishes. We’ve gathered up the best tips and tricks to make packing easier.


  • Pack up utensils and other gadgets quickly by wrapping utensil trays and organizers in plastic wrap, then stacking them in boxes
  • Use rubber bands to keep pots and lids together
  • Use six pack beer and wine wine  carriers to pack items like vases and bottles
  • Pack all items in a drawer in the same bx


  • Keep clothes on hangers and use wardrobe boxes
  • Pack clothes inside suitcases
  • Use vacuum/space bags to reduce the amount of space towels, blankets and other bulky items take up
  • For local moves, take sweaters, coats and other items to the cleaners, then pick up after the move


  • Take photos of the back of your home entertainment center before you disconnect the wires. Then label the cords so you know which cord goes to which component
  • Use cord winders or ties to keep cables controlled

    General Packing

  • Use a box cutter to carve handles on the sides of your boxes for easier handling and carrying
  • Place Plastic Wrap over Bottles: Any liquid item you have that’s already opened (shampoo, lotion, cleaning supplies, etc.) can spill in transit—even with the lid on. Protect them by removing the lid, placing plastic wrap over the top, and then putting the lid back in place.
  • Egg cartons are great for packing small, delicate items like jewelry.
  • Cover bottle openings with plastic wrap and then put the top on over the plastic wrap to prevent spills


Perhaps the ultimate packing hack is to get someone else to do the packing for you. If you’re short on time, or just really don’t want to pack, consider talking to your agent about adding packing to your moving contract.

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