Small Shipment Solutions: Simplify The Busy Summer Moving Season

BlueExpress is an inter-state moving solution that fits your relocation budget and the needs of your relocating employees with smaller moves.


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The bustling summer moving season is upon us. While this is an exciting time for many people seeking new and better opportunities, it also comes with some challenges that may make it difficult for transferees and their belongings to get where they are going. When more people are moving during a given period of time, that means they may have a harder time finding available moving trucks for their ideal dates as well as other moving-related services.

For employees moving from either a fully furnished one-bedroom apartment or a lightly furnished two-bedroom apartment (total weight of less than 4,000 lbs), northAmerican is proud to offer BlueExpress. BlueExpress is an inter-state moving solution that fits your relocation budget and the needs of your relocating employees with smaller moves. Your employees will be provided with a guaranteed quote and will be put into contact with the person who will handle their move from start to finish.

Why BlueExpress?

1. Load & Delivery Dates Are Guaranteed:

With BlueExpress, your relocating employees will know when we are coming to load and deliver their shipments. We provide a guaranteed day for loading and a guaranteed date by which your shipment will be delivered. That means that employees can rest assured that their move is going according to plan. BlueExpress also guarantees a transfer time between eight and twelve days so that your employees know exactly how to time their arrival and when they can expect to be settling into their new location. Our guarantee is backed by a $75 per day penalty payment that we pay to your relocating employee. If for any reason it takes longer to deliver a shipment than promised, we compensate the employee for the inconvenience.

2. Simplified Billing and Reduced Costs:

When you take into account how many separate costs are involved in a move, BlueExpress streamlines the process for your employees by ensuring that when it comes to their household goods moving, there is one, single cost and it’s never different than the quote they were provided on the phone. In addition to simplicity, when compared to the total cost of the average do-it-yourself move, BlueExpress is competitive. Not to mention, there are no minimum weight charges or hidden fees. Your relocating employee pays one invoice to move their household goods. Simple as that.

3. Proven Service & Reliability

BlueExpress is a northAmerican Van Lines service. This means that your small-move relocating employees are provided with the same professional and proven service as those with larger loads. Your employees will rest easy knowing that their possessions are professionally packed into a sealed container and loaded safely onto a van. The smaller transport vehicle also helps those living on narrow streets and in condensed urban settings as it can maneuver into alleys and streets that may not normally be accessible to a large moving truck. This saves money and is more convenient for employees who would otherwise need to consider a shuttle on move day.

4. Less Stress

Often, relocating employees with smaller moves may be provided with a lump sum payment to cover their moving expenses. While lump sums are popular and have benefits, they also come with some drawbacks. Conducting the entire move themselves with a rental truck may be stressful for employees. This time-intensive process of self-moving can also take time away from an employee’s job and result in lost productivity.

For more on lump sum programs, download The Ultimate Guide to Lump Sum Mobility Benefits on our website here.

BlueExpress takes the headache out of planning a small move with its guaranteed transit time and delivery windows. Plus, packing and unpacking services can be added to any BlueExpress move to provide employees with even more support.

Be better prepared to assist your relocating employees during this busy summer moving season by offering BlueExpress as a moving option. BlueExpress is not only cost-effective but efficient, simplified, and offers the proven reliability that comes with northAmerican. Not only will BlueExpress alleviate the pressure and stress that comes from a do-it-yourself move, but it also does so in budget, on time, and with guarantees. Make sure you offer your employees the most secure, affordable, and predictable move possible by choosing BlueExpress.

Click here to download our data sheet on BlueExpress.

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