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With spring in bloom and summer right around the corner, you and your company are probably already assessing this year's relocation and moving needs. While summer is typically one of the busiest times to move, the Best Times to Move calendar shows which weeks and days of the week are better times to move, which can help the entire moving and relocation process go more smoothly and efficiently for everyone involved. And if you offer a lump sum relocation program, this calendar is a must as it will help your employees select a moving day and time of year that best suits their time and budget needs.

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When planning a move, as with so many things in life, timing matters. It likely comes as no surprise that certain times of the year are more popular for moving than others. However, you may be surprised to learn just when those times are. northAmerican(R) Van Lines has created its 2019 Best Times to Move Calendar complete with tips, reminders, and color-coded date ranges that categorize moving times as ideal, busy, and busiest. Whether your transferees are moving via a full-service corporate relocation program or are utilizing a lump sum, keeping timing in mind may help to make a move go more smoothly and be more cost-effective.

Regardless of what type of relocation program a transferee is using, moving during the most popular times of the year may result in longer waits for moving related services that the transferee may require throughout the relocation process. Scheduling things like gas, electric, cable, and internet service may take longer if the respective providers are contending with an above average amount of activation or installation requests. If a transferee is purchasing and/or selling a home during the busiest times of the year, appraisals, inspections and other parts of the escrow process may also be overburdened with requests, impacting their estimated close date(s). The likelihood of these delays increases depending on the migration patterns of the country as well. If a transferee is moving to a city or state that is currently experiencing a high influx of residents, these delays may be more commonplace.

To learn more about the country’s current migration patterns and to compare them to your company’s relocation plans, take a look at our US Migration – Changes & Trends, Reasons & Theories blog post.

What about the cost of a move? For transferees who are a part of a full-service corporate relocation program, the cost of the household goods move is the same year-round for the company relocating them. However, if you have transferees utilizing a lump sum amount for their household goods move, they may be subject to price increases during the busier times of the year. In addition to simple supply and demand, our country is also experiencing a major driver shortage, resulting in significantly lower availability of truck capacity. Given this, many transferees are experiencing difficulty in finding and securing household goods transport throughout the year but especially when moving is at its peak. Importantly, transferees who are utilizing a lump sum amount are competing with other consumers for their ideal moving dates. As such, the timing of relocation may be more important for transferees utilizing a lump sum where household goods moving is concerned.

You can learn more about the country’s current driver shortage, by watching our Truck Driver Shortage and Corporate Relocation video on our resources page.

Key Takeaways From northAmerican’s 2019 Corporate Moving Calendar

According to the northAmerican’s 2019 Corporate Moving Calendar, these are the BUSIEST times to move:

  • May 17th-May 31st

  • June 10th-July 4th

  • July 20th-August 4th

  • August 20th-September 4th

According to the northAmerican’s 2019 Corporate Moving Calendar, these are BUSY times to Move:

  • May 4th-May 16th

  • June 1st-June 9th

  • July 5th-July 19th

  • August 5th-August 19th

  • September 5th-September 30th

  • November 14th-November 23rd

  • December 9th-December 31st

Important Tips:

  • If transferees are relocating in the summer, be sure they schedule their moves as far in advance as possible.

  • Transferees should plan on personally moving valuables and important documents.

  • The transferee or a family member must be present during pack, load, and delivery.

  • Transferees should advise movers of any and all special circumstances which may impact the move.

  • Be sure transferees alert movers to narrow roadways and long driveways.

  • If the transferee lives in a gated community, they should inform the driver of any possible restrictions on trucks, parking, and passage in place that may impact the driver gaining access to their home.

  • Transferees can lower their moving costs by donating and selling any unwanted items.

  • Encourage transferees to familiarize themselves with items that are not safe or permissible to move. Find out more about what those items are by reading our Lawyers, Ammo, and Moving blog post.

  • Contact northAmerican by September 2019 to assist with 2020 relocation planning.

While there may not always be flexibility in a given relocation’s date, those where flexibility can be found should use this calendar as a guide for scheduling their move. Moving during less busy times can make for an easier move where there is greater availability of truck capacity and other peripheral moving needs such as cable installation, storage, and escrow related services. As mentioned above, scheduling household goods moving services are more challenging for those not given priority via a full-service corporate relocation package. As such, it is important to keep in mind planned dates of relocation, especially for those utilizing a lump sum amount to purchase moving services. By consulting the Best Times to Move 2019 - 2020 Calendar and our US Migration – Changes & Trends, Reasons & Theories blog post, you will be able to better plan your company’s relocations by understanding a given time and location’s likely demand.

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