Make Moving Into a Game with Your Kids

When moving with children, you may often find that attention spans become shorter than usual, tempers flare more often, and general crankiness seems to spread like a flu bug. Completing a move on its own is most definitely a challenge, but throwing young kids into the mix can take your moving day stress to the next level.

However, fear not—the pros at North American Movers are happy to offer their experience in keeping kids happy, entertained, and even helpful during your cross country move.

Kids of many age groups, especially those that are younger, often will respond well to goals and requests much better if they are presented in a way that seems fun or challenging. Laying out the tasks of moving as though they are the rules of a game revolving around packing can incentivize the moving process in a way that improves organizational and planning skills, without your kids even realizing that their fun activity comes with many benefits.

Unlike many games, the rules of your moving game are far from the most important aspect—you can effectively invent your own “moving game” at your own discretion, so long as it incorporates your kids into the move in a way that keeps them feeling engaged and involved.

A simple example of this may be to mark boxes with colored labels and encourage your kids to pack their rooms by placing toys into corresponding categories—managing to fill an entire box with toys can give rise to a simple reward, or even a “high score” based on a simple point system.

You can also keep kids engaged by having them load up a medium-sized, personal box of “favorites”—this box can include all of their favorite toys or keepsakes, and be taken along in the car during the move so that your kid not only gets to feel involved in the packing process, but is able to enjoy access to all their most favorite items during the road trip.

If you’re looking to get into more complex moving game territory, you can invite kids to keep track of the trip itself by showing them a route map leading up to your road trip, and labeling major landmarks or cities you’ll be passing through so that reaching each one can be celebrated as a miniature accomplishment. Your kids may grow a lot less impatient during your hours-long trek if there’s something to announce every hour or so.

Another good moving fundamental to keep in mind is pictures! Taking plenty of photos during the packing, loading, and traveling ordeals can give off a positive vibe that keeps kids from thinking that the big move is something to be stressed out by (or worse—be bored by!)

The best thing to remember is to try and keep the entire experience as positive and upbeat as possible—every little bit helps, and the better the attitude, the better the move—both for your kids and for you!

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