The Corporate Mobility Pros’ Guide to Beat the Busy Summer Moving Season

The Corporate Mobility Pros’ Guide to Beat the Busy Summer Moving SeasonSummer is upon us, and every corporate mobility and HR pro in the business of relocating new hires or corporate transferees knows it’s an incredibly busy time. Summer is ‘the season’ for corporate moves. That’s largely because kids are out of school and there’s a bit of a downtime for families during those months, which makes it the perfect time to pack up and relocate the family. The problem, of course, is that when everybody wants to execute their corporate moves at the same time, it can make an already stressful season exponentially more so. Add to that the reality of an industry-wide truck driver shortage, and getting out in front of your busy summer moving season is imperative.

What can you do to ensure you schedule moves for your new hires and corporate transferees in a timely, organized, and efficient fashion? Understanding the nuances of the moving and corporate relocation industry, including driver shortages, increased competition and the risks that poses, capacity challenges, the impact of tax reform on corporate relocation policies and transferees, how single vendor versus multiple vendor relationships might affect you and your transferees—all these things can impact a corporate mobility pros’ ability to get the best possible service at the best possible price, in the most timely fashion, for their transferees.

Beating the busy summer moving season and getting your new hires and corporate transferees and their families moved from one location to another doesn’t have to be fraught with headaches. Great communication, whether about booking moves as early as possible, tips on packing belongings and reducing load size wherever possible, understanding and communicating delivery date spreads, how auto hauling differs from household goods moves, understanding that working directly with a full-service mover can help your transferees gain priority within the van line system — all these details are part of the recipe for a smoothly executed busy summer season move.

We created this guide to help you and your relocating employees navigate the busy moving season and help make the process as smooth and as headache-free as possible. Download it here: The Corporate Mobility Pros’ Guide to Beat the Summer Moving Season

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