Moving to Omaha, NE

Learn why Omaha, NE is a top relocation city. With a low cost of living and a great job market, Omaha may be the right city for you and your family.

Street scene in downtown Omaha NEOmaha, Nebraska may be one of the best kept secrets when it comes to small city living. It has a thriving and diverse economy, a great local food scene, and great local music. Combine that with low unemployment, a low cost of living, and safe, friendly neighborhoods, you’ve got a great destination for young professionals and young families. If you’re considering moving to Omaha, here are some of the reasons you should do so.

Warren Buffet and his company, Berkshire Hathaway, both call Omaha home. But don’t let the billionaire fool you: Omaha is affordable. The median home price is $141,600, and the overall cost of living in Omaha is 88 (US average is 100). Your dollars may go further than in other, similarly sized Midwestern cities. Unemployment in the Omaha metro area is 3.4%, and household income is $48,751.

Omaha is experiencing positive job growth. Berkshire Hathaway –which is holding company that owns insurance companies, consumer products brands, and the Burlington Northern railroad line, among others—Is not the only Fortune 500 company in Omaha.  Omaha’s diverse economy includes agricultural companies like ConAgra, transportation mainstays like Union Pacific, and insurance companies like Mutual of Omaha, as well as military jobs (Offut Air Force Base is next door to Omaha), education and research jobs, and healthcare jobs. Tech start-ups and entrepreneurs have been moving into Omaha for years now, leading to the nickname Silicon Prairie.

Omaha isn’t just business. A thriving local music scene, with clubs like The Waiting Room Lounge and Pageturners, features up-and-coming bands. Indie record label Saddle Creek Records and the Maha Music Festival have helped local bands 311 and Bright Eyes break onto the national stage. Old Town Omaha is a great place to spend a day prowling around shops and restaurants. And while the steaks are amazing, Omaha is a foodie paradise, with award winning and inventive restaurants serving local fare, and surprisingly great sushi.

Omaha and its suburbs are great for families. Nebraska has one of the highest high school graduation rates in the country, and the areas public schools are highly rated. With its small town feel and “Nebraska Nice” people, it may be the kind of place you’ll feel okay about letting kids roam free. If you’re not looking for suburban, look at Old Town, with cobblestone streets and hundred year old houses, or at Arksarben Village, a self-contained community of condos and apartments, retail and entertainment venues.

If you’re moving to Omaha from a sunshine state like Florida, Arizona or California, you’ll need to get acclimated to the weather. Average January lows bottom out at 14 degrees, well below freezing, and Omaha gets nearly 30 inches of snow a year. Spring and summer storms can be severe, with tornadoes, hail and high winds sweeping in from the west. July highs are in the mid-80s, with higher than average humidity. On the plus side, Omaha gets nearly 214 sunny days a year.

Omaha may not have any professional sports teams, but that’s okay: The University of Nebraska Huskers are practically a religion, and on any given football game, Husker Stadium in Lincoln is the third largest city in the state.

Welcome to Omaha!

Great jobs, great neighborhoods, and friendly neighbors: What’s not to love? If you’re planning a move to Omaha, you’ll want to a great moving partner to get you there. Find an agent.

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