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New Year’s Resolution: Resolve to Move Someplace Better Next Year

If you’re tired of making New Year’s resolutions to eat better and get more exercise, Glass bottle with lightsconsider making 2018 the year you really shake things up. What about resolving to move someplace better? Better is, of course, subjective and won’t mean the same thing for everyone, so take the time to think about what would make your life better.

Whatever “better” means to you, moving can mean the chance for a more fulfilling and rewarding life, whether that’s across town or halfway across the country. If you’re wondering why people move, here are some of reasons. If one of them makes something click, then consider whether a move in 2018 is right for you.

Opportunities and Challenges

If you’re not satisfied with the opportunities in your town, or you want the challenge of trying to make it in a new city, moving is the natural solution. Career advancements, job satisfaction and increased pay (and the benefits that come with it) are all possibilities with this kind of move. Just remember to plan it out: Research companies, salaries, housing costs and lifestyle before choosing several cities that fit your needs.

Moving to Do More of Something

The chance to do more of the thing you love is an excellent reason to move. Whether that’s moving across town to be closer to the park that offers ceramics lessons, or moving across the country to pursue a specialized degree doesn’t matter: Find the location that will let you do this, and start planning.

Geographic Mismatch

Maybe you live in the Great Plains, but have always dreamed of moving to the mountains, or the beach. Make 2018 the year that dream comes true, and start planning. You most likely won’t be spending all your time hiking or surfing, so take the time to research job opportunities, housing costs and other practical things.

Changing Lifestyles

Maybe your family has outgrown your city condo, and you’re dreaming of a house with an extra bathroom, more bedrooms, a garage and a big yard. Start planning now for a summer move, but don’t forget to take into possible property tax increases or a longer commute. If you’re an empty nester looking to get back into the city, you’ll likely trade extra space for a shorter commute and a walkable lifestyle with more attractions; start thinking about what those attractions and conveniences you really want.

To Start Over

Sometimes, starting fresh after a major life change is the best option. You can take advantage of a new town or a new neighborhood to move on, embrace new experiences and make new friends – or maybe just get away from a neighborhood that doesn’t fit you and your family anymore.

Whatever your reason for moving in 2018, you’ll need a plan for finding a new home, an idea of how you’ll get established in your new location, and a good moving company

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