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Best Gifts for People Who Are (or Will Be) Moving

Wondering what to get for that friend who’s in the middle of packing up to move? HolidayPerson holding a gift shopping is hard enough, but when you have someone on your list who is either about to or has just finished a move, you have some additional concerns beyond will they like it. You don’t want to give anything that will make their move more complicated, so no large, delicate items that will need to be packed. And if they’re going to be in transit, you don’t want to give anything live, like plants or pets.

Consider giving a subscription to a meal kit service. If they begin using after the move, they’ll have more time for unpacking since they won’t need to think about planning meals or going to the grocery store. Or, give gift certificates to restaurants so they don’t have to cook at all.

Because moving involves a lot of little costs as you set up a new home, consider gift certificates to home furnishing or hardware stores. That way you can help defray some of the expenses, rather than buying a housewarming gift.

Or go custom. Customized welcome mats, house numbers or signs are a good gift, especially for newlyweds. Plus, you can have it delivered to their new house after they move.

You can also make your own gift certificates, offering to help pack, watch the kids or pets, or help out around the new house.

For people who are moving long distances, give something that will remind them both of you and the city they’re leaving behind. Whether that’s a framed poster of the city’s iconic sights, or a framed photo of a group of you at one of those places, it’s a sentimental reminder that you’re thinking of them.

If they’ve already moved, you can send them a taste of home. Many cities have iconic foods; advances in shipping mean that your favorite pizza, cheese steaks or other regional treats can be sent, ready to be enjoyed. Other options include coffee beans from local roasters, or food from local stores that they won’t be able to find in their new home.

Perhaps the best present for people moving away is to offer to host them so they can come back for a visit. If you can, plane tickets would be a great gift, but if not, make up a gift certificate for a weekend stay, dinner at their favorite spot, and other things you know they’ll miss.

Whatever you give, your friends and family who have moved (or will be moving soon) will know that you love them and will miss them, but that you’ll stay friends. And that is more important than the gift itself.

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