Celebrating northAmerican® Veterans – Thank You for Choosing Our Family!

This month we have been honored to celebrate our military partners who continuously impact veterans around the globe. To wrap up our November content, we want to acknowledge and properly thank the men and women that make up our northAmerican team. Every one of our veterans, across the country, have helped support our mission since 1933 – to be worldwide leaders in relocation. With our veteran team members and all who work beside them, we have developed a military moving expertise and continue to proudly serve our military families for more than 80 years.
Map of Veterans

Our team is comprised of veterans from the United States Air Force, like E.E. Ward Moving & Storage Co. (Ohio), the U.S. Army, like Class Pays Moving & Storage (Tennessee), the U.S. Marine Corps, like Palmer Moving & Storage (Michigan), and the U.S. Navy, like Florida Moving Systems (Florida). We have veterans who served in Vietnam and Iraq from Cord Moving (Missouri) and even active military like McWhite’s North American (Arizona). We have veteran owned agents, like Neighbors Relocation Services (Washington) and Moda Moving (Oregon) and generations of military within agents like Beltmann Group (Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, New Jersey, Ohio, & Texas) and First Class Moving Systems (Florida). We have veterans throughout the nation, from Air Van Moving in Washington, Idaho & Alaska, to Anderson Transfer in South Carolina, George Moving in Pennsylvania and Clinton’s Transfer & Storage Inc. in Virginia. In fact, a lot of our agents have veterans at several locations like A-1 Freeman Moving Group in Georgia and Texas, Sterling Moving & Storage in Massachusetts and Rhode Island and L & J Transportation in Pennsylvania and North Carolina. These veteran owned and operated agents all deserve recognition and applause – thank you for all your hard work and dedication to our team. We know you have a choice in van lines and we are honored that you chose to be a part of ours!

Names of our Vets

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