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Here’s Why You Should Host Thanksgiving Even Though You’ve Just Moved

Moving is a lot of work. If you’ve moved recently, you might feel like hosting Thanksgiving place settingThanksgiving is too much work, but maybe you should. You can always order a meal or encourage people to bring dishes; that way, you’ll take on less work. From providing a rationale for finishing your unpacking to showing off your new home, here are seven reasons to go ahead and invite the family over.

It’s a good way to make yourself to finish unpacking. From the roasting pans to the good dishes, Thanksgiving requires us to bring out the things we don’t use year round, and these are the things that we can feel less drive to unpack.  Hosting family will provide a reason to unpack everything – as well as set up the guest room and clear away the empty boxes.

You may feel like because the house isn’t perfect yet, you can’t show it off. If that’s the case, treat Thanksgiving as your housewarming party. Rather than hosting a huge dinner, invite people for pie and coffee in the evening, Invite the new neighbors while you’re at it, as a way to get to know them.

If you’ve moved across country and are missing your family and friends, invite them to join you. If you’re worried about the condition of the house, see if they’re willing to stay in a nearby hotel. They may not all be able to attend, but you’ll get the chance to show them around your new city and show off your new home. Having people join you for the holiday will also keep connection strong, and make everyone feel better about your decision to move.

Nothing says this is home like hosting Thanksgiving. It’s a great way to create new memories and make your new house feel like home. Even if it’s a smaller gathering than usual, or you don’t make as many dishes, it will be a special holiday for being the first one you celebrate in your new home.

If the movers are scheduled to deliver you belongings the week of Thanksgiving, you can still celebrate. Definitely order your meal from a restaurant or grocery store, clear as many boxes from the dining room as possible, and gather around the table with your family.

If you’re the usual host and make a big dinner, not doing so may leave you feeling like there’s something missing. Rather than skipping you role as Thanksgiving host, find a way to lighten the load. Friends and family will understand if you make fewer dishes, ask guests to bring a dish, or use disposable plates.

But the most important reason is the main reason we celebrate Thanksgiving. You’ve moved and it’s over; whether it went well or there were some bumps in the road, being done with a move is a good reason to celebrate. You have a new home, and even if you left friends and family in your old town, you share a connection with them. These are all reasons to be grateful, so go ahead and share them with family, and friends old and new.  

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