Beat the Busy Season Rush – Schedule Your Summer Move Now to Save

The busy season for corporate relocation runs from May to August. If you know you’ll be planning moves for your employees during this time,you can save money and ensure your relocations go smoothly by planning in advance. Summer will be here before you know it and if you wait to book your move, you might be impacted by either a driver shortage or struggle to find available capacity during this busy time.

Why Summer?

There are several reasons why the majority of your corporate relocations will probably take place in the four months running from May through August. Unsurprisingly, peak moving season coincides with the time most home sales take place. When it comes to relocating employees or new hires from one part of the country to another, it is not unusual to coordinate moving families during the summer months, when schools are out on summer break, making the move for both the kids and the family a little less traumatic. The military also contributes to moving demand in summer months, as it is the season when many service members receive new orders. And, the weather is simply better. Moving when rain, sleet, and snow are in the forecast makes things harder and slower, so most people, and the relocation pros managing their moves, will avoid it if they can.

Who’s Moving?

A little over 15 million households (more than 35 million people) move in the United States each year. New jobs and job transfers prompt 10 percent of these moves. Some of those moves will be handled by the people moving, while others will turn to professional movers or be offered corporate relocation services by their employers.

Don’t Wait

The moving industry faces a truck driver shortage.  Movers compete with oil and gas companies, distributors of foods and retail goods, and other freight hauling businesses for drivers. As a result, available moving truck capacity can fill up fast during the summer peak season. For a household move, industry experts recommend hiring movers at least three to four weeks in advance. In the case of a corporate relocation, that recommendation increases to six weeks. By planning as far in advance as possible, you will get the best rates and ensure your preferred service provider is available.

Help Your Employees and New Hires Be Prepared

Here is a checklist of ways your employees and new hires can prepare for a smooth and easy summer move:

  1. Reduce: Encourage them to sort through belongings and sell, recycle, or donate as much as possible. More weight on the moving truck equals higher costs and more time unpacking at a new home.
  2. Research: If relocating employees or new hires to a new city, state, or country, do some homework in advance for them and locate local online discussion groups in areas they will be moving. Share those resources and suggest they start getting to know their new neighbors. Encourage them to learn about new schools if children are involved, and provide them with a list of local blogs in the cities they’re relocating to. Find lists of best local restaurants, family activities, and outdoor activities and camps—these little gestures will go a long way toward helping your relocating employees and their families feel right at home.
  3. Reserve: Assist your relocating employees with any temporary reservations they might need, like a rental car or hotel room, if they will arrive before their belongings.
  4. Record: Encourage your employees and new hires to keep thorough records of notices they’ve given to landlords, leases, and sales documents. Suggest they do a households goods inventory, and track any relocation expenses they incur. These documents will help prevent headaches and possibly be useful at tax time.
  5. Relax: Encourage your employees or new hires to relax. Moving is one of life’s most stressful events. Working with a procurement executive or HR pro who has their best interests at heart, and a well-qualified professional mover can take much of the hassle and worry out of the process so they can breathe easier.

Don’t panic if you’ve got to relocate a number of employees this summer. A little preparation now will save you and your company time and money, and result in happy employees and successful relocation stories.

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