Top Places to Visit after Moving to Laredo, TX

Laredo is a family-friendly Texas city that is situated near the U.S.-Mexico border. Great restaurants, fun attractions and an excellent infrastructure make Laredo one of the most desirable cities to call home. Once you move to Laredo and get settled in, you should take some time to see all the wonderful things the city has to offer for yourself. Here are some of the top places around Laredo that you will want to check out after you have settled into your new home.


The Lamar Bruni Vergara Planetarium

Lamar Bruni Vergara Planetarium Located on the campus of Texas A&M International University, the Lamar Bruni Vergara Planetarium was opened in 2005 to educate people about the wonders of the earth and universe. The planetarium is housed inside a four-sided glass pyramid. Educational films are shown on the 40-foot dome using a state-of-the-art projector and high-quality audio system. You can spend an afternoon here watching movies about life on Earth and the intricacies of the solar system. The planetarium also features space exploration and scientific discovery productions. When you watch these films, you will be treated to stunning visuals and sounds that will make you feel as though you are part of the action. (Photo Credit:


Imaginarium of South Texas

Imaginarium of South Texas prides itself on being a children’s museum and an informal science center that is dedicated to enriching young minds. Interactive touch screens allow children to play games while learning more about science and other fascinating subjects. The Heb Kid’s Market resembles a real-life grocery store and gives children the chance to pretend to be shoppers and work the registers. Younger kids can experience a hands-on encounter with biology by spending time at the Building With Biology exhibit. A tyrannosaurus rex statue is also part of the attraction and provides the perfect photo opportunity. The Let’s Move! program is a weekly event that encourages children to participate in fun physical activities. Parents and children can work together to create unique artworks to take home by participating in the Kiddo Art program. Weekly puppet shows are also performed. Kids who have their birthday parties here can access the party room and piñata area and take part in unlimited museum exploration.


Laredo Little Theatre

The Laredo Little Theatre has been showcasing live performances in front of captive audiences since 1911. Performances include some of the finest displays of acting, dance and music. This venue frequently hosts popular musical and Disney productions. The safe, collaborative environment also promotes education and literacy for English- and Spanish-speakers and the strengthening of cultural identity. The Laredo Little Theatre is completely operated by volunteers who enjoy giving back to the community. If you have an idea for a production that you would like to see, you can submit a suggestion to the director for consideration.


Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema shows many of the latest motion picture releases. This iconic venue enables moviegoers to sit back in comfortable chairs and watch movies that are displayed on giant screens with optimal sound and picture quality. Movie tickets can be bought online. Award-winning cuisine is also served and includes food items that are prepared from scratch. Cheeseburgers, pizzas and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies are just a few of the delectable offerings that you can order. The Cinema also serves exceptional cocktails and the finest craft beers. You can even pick up some hats, T-shirts and other souvenirs to remember your time here.


Lake Casa Blanca International State Park

lake-casa-blanca-international-state-parkLake Casa Blanca International State Park is the ideal spot if you want to enjoy a day of outdoor fun. You can spend time swimming, boating and waterskiing on the lake. Lake Casa Blanca is also a prime fishing spot where you can fish for crappie, catfish and hybrid striped bass. The park encompasses a baseball field; playgrounds; and tennis, basketball, and volleyball courts. The nearby 18-hole golf course is surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Mountain biking and hiking trails lead the way to further adventure. You can even find campsites within the park that feature water, electricity and sewer hookups. Lake Casa Blanca International State Park is also home to many animals, such as white-collared seedeaters, Mexican ground squirrels and Texas horned lizards. (Photo Credit:


Republic of the Rio Grande Museum

This museum is housed inside a classic Mexican-style structure that was constructed in the 19th century. The building itself -- which once served as a residence, school and capitol -- is a Recorded Texas Historical Landmark and is considered to be one of the most important structures in Laredo. While exploring the exhibits inside the Republic of the Rio Grande Museum, you will have the chance to learn more about the fascinating local history. The displays include old photographs, weaponry and household items that have managed to withstand the test of time. You can also view a replica of an old kitchen complete with classic silverware and food items. Guided tours can be arranged as well. You can even make an appointment to search the Historical Archives that offer further details about the city’s earliest days.



If you are a true tapas lover, this is the restaurant for you. Modern and classic Spanish tapas are on the menu at Tabernilla along with savory entrées and satisfying desserts. Start your meal off with empanada, brandad or pan tomate tapas. You can also order a toasted baguette slice topped with smoked salmon, white beans or thinly sliced duck breast as a starter. The hot and cold tomato and vegetable soups are also popular. If you enjoy eating seafood, you can try the suquet de peix stew, which consists of shrimp, lobster, clams and mussels. For dessert, try the pico de oro, which is goat and cow milk rice pudding, or the churros sprinkled with light cinnamon sugar and drizzled with bitter chocolate pimenton sauce. Signature cocktails include the Spanish margarita and Madrid mule. You can also order scotch, cognac and tequila.


Scratch Sandwich Company

Wholesome sandwiches made with raw, quality ingredients make Scratch Sandwich Company more than just your average sandwich shop. The When Harry Met Sally sandwich is made with New York pastrami, Swiss cheese and sauerkraut. You can satisfy your chicken craving by ordering the Buffalo chicken sandwich made with boneless chicken tenders tossed in a tangy Buffalo sauce. You even have the option of creating your own sandwich or wrap with your choice of bread, such as ciabatta, 9-grain hoagie and white hoagie. You can then add meats like ham, salami or turkey along with spinach, olives and cucumbers for vegetables. Dijon mustard, mayo and ranch are just a few of the sauces that can be added to sandwiches. Chips made from scratch come with all the sandwiches and wraps. Various soups and salads are also on the menu. If you bring any children along to eat with you, they can order chicken strips and grilled cheese sandwiches off the junior menu. The brunch menu features offerings such as pancakes, junior waffles and fried eggs for early diners.


El Meson de San Agustin

El Meson de San AgustinEl Meson de San Agustin is another one of Laredo’s most popular restaurants. Located in the historic downtown section of the city, this eatery serves a wide range of mouthwatering Mexican dishes. Give your taste buds a jolt by trying the picadillo tacos or chile rellenos. The Mexican rib steak comes with rice and beans and is another favorite among diners. Items on the kid’s menu include mini chicken flautas and crispy chicken fingers. You can also request a lettuce and tomato side salad or French fries to go with your meal. The beautiful Mexican ornaments that adorn the colorful walls create a relaxing, eye-catching environment. You can even arrange to have the restaurant cater your event. (Photo Credit:


Moving to Laredo will be an exciting experience that will open the doors to new opportunities. You can explore the city’s best restaurants and attractions at your leisure and get acquainted with the friendly locals. Establishing new roots in Laredo comes with many advantages, and you will quickly understand why so many people from across the country and abroad choose to relocate to this wondrous city.

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