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Suburbs of Charleston, SC

One of the best things about moving to Charleston is that the city’s charm extends well South Carolina Beachbeyond the town borders. Although the downtown area is one of the most popular to live in (especially if you want to combine historic ambiance and a chic, trendy lifestyle), many families find that they prefer other neighborhoods and suburbs in the area.

If you’re new to the city, it’s best to ally yourself with a real estate agent who can direct you to the best communities for your lifestyle. Until that time, you may want to look into these popular Charleston suburbs.

>  Hanahan: Located about 30 minutes to the north of Charleston, Hanahan is most well-known as an armed forces center. You’ll find Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard installations here, which means there are a lot of families connected to the military. As a result, the homes tend to be more affordable and accessible for those who need room for their young ones.

>  Mount Pleasant: As the name suggests, this area is one that offers a pleasing lifestyle for those fortunate enough to live here. Located just twenty minutes from the city center, Mount Pleasant is located on a coastal peninsula, and is typically accessed via bridge. It’s noted for its incredible marshes and green spaces, as well as its popular naval and maritime museum. Because of its great location and features, it’s fairly well populated at around 80,000 residents and average home prices sit around the $500,000 mark.

>  South of Broad: This Charleston neighborhood is a must when you want to experience the architectural elegance that this city is known for and enjoy walking access to all downtown features. Most of the homes here are over a hundred years old, and very well-kept. This means the price tags are high and that many of the homeowners only use their homes seasonally.

>  Sullivan’s Island: Located just 10 miles from Charleston, Sullivan’s Island offers a waterfront experience and lots of beautiful scenery. Even if you don’t live on the water (which can be pricey), you’re likely to be within walking or biking distance of the miles of sandy beaches. This area is rich with history, too, which can make interesting for historical buffs.

>  Summerville: Although Summerville is a little further out than many Charleston suburbs (it’s located about 25 miles to the northwest), it offers a small-town way of life without the heavy Charleston price tag. At the same time, you still get the same lush greenery and friendly charm. It’s also one of the rare places with plenty of new construction if you’re looking for a home that’s more modern and updated.

>  West Ashley: If you’re looking for more affordability in your Charleston home, West Ashley is worth a look. This area is family friendly and located about 9 miles inland from Charleston, which accounts for its more cost-effective approach to living.

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