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Towns Near Beaverton, OR

Technically, Beaverton is its own suburb. Located just seven miles from Portland, OR, Towns near Beaverton, ORthis city is home to a number of residents who want the Portland lifestyle but don’t want the Portland price tag that comes with it.

Although you’ll find fewer urban entertainments in Beaverton than you will in Portland, the homes tend to be a little larger and more affordable, the schools are higher rated, and there’s easier access to employers like Nike and Intel. However, the costs here are still fairly high when compared to the national average. If you want to live in the Beaverton area but aren’t ready to put a long-term deposit on the lifestyle here, these nearby towns are worth a second look.

>  Bethany: This town is located about eight miles north of Beaverton. It’s a newer community than Beaverton, which means it provides a more traditional “suburban” experience. The schools are great, the homes are more recent builds, and the focus tends to be on families. It’s also a fairly affluent place, as many of the residents here work in the tech industry.

>  Hillsboro: Located less than half an hour’s drive from Beaverton, Hillsboro is most well-known as the home of Intel. It’s also a fairly large city (the fifth largest in the state) with a population over 90,000 residents. Many of the homes and buildings here have historic importance, and there is more access to open fields and open skies than you’ll find in nearby Portland.

>  Irvington: If you love old, historic districts and Victorian-style homes, then Irvington (a few minutes northeast of the Portland center) is a great place to live. Most of the residents here aren’t young families, and you’ll find old and established homes that require some upkeep, but the trendy and upscale living space is worth it.

>  Lake Oswego: This residential community is more expensive than many of the others on this list, but when you want huge homes, beautiful scenery, and easy access to city living, you can’t beat Lake Oswego—especially if you’re a fan of watersports and can afford the lifestyle to support them.

>  Orenco Station: Located between Beaverton and Hillsboro, this residential area was designed to create a city lifestyle in a suburban space. The focus is very much on building a sense of community as well as offering living spaces that are within walking distance of shops, restaurants, and entertainment. It’s also very close to the light rail system, so you can access Portland very efficiently.

You’ll also find distinct neighborhoods within Beaverton itself. It’s not a huge metropolitan center (especially not when compared to other Oregon cities), but it’s large enough to support several different areas, including family-friendly communities, trendy urban spaces, and homes with plenty of land.

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