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Top Ten Moving Day Mistakes

Be sure to avoid these mistakes on moving day!

The day has finally arrived—your bags are packed, your home is sold, and the movingMoving Day Paperwork truck is rolling into the driveway. Although you’ve prepped and planned for this day, there’s a good chance you’ve forgotten one or two things. No matter how well-organized you are, there are so many details it’s okay to overlook a few.

These top ten moving day mistakes are some of the most common we see. Plan ahead now so you can avoid them when it comes time for you to say goodbye.

10. Doing It All Yourself: DIY moving is great…up to a point. While you can do a lot of the packing, prepping, and cleaning yourself, moving is a big job for just one person. Recruit the help of friends, family members, neighbors, and professional movers—you’ll be glad once moving day arrives and there are plenty of helping hands around.

9. Leaving Last-Minute Tasks: A lot of moving day tasks only take a few minutes (sweeping out the garage, taking down all the window hangings, finishing up the last of the packing), but when combined together, they can really add up. Try to do as much of your prep work as possible before moving day arrives—that way you can really focus once the moving truck arrives.

8. Not Prepping the Area: Walkways should be clear and navigable. Narrow doorways should have their doors removed. The heat should be on (for cold days) or the cool air going (for hot days). By having everything ready to go before the movers arrive, you can substantially cut back on the amount of time the move will take.

7. Failing to Secure Pets and Children: Little ones—both human and animal—can be a hazard on moving day. Because so many people are coming and going, and because there’s so much activity in the air, it’s easy for your dependents to get lost in the scuffle. Plan ahead so that there is someone available to watch out for those who need an extra eye.

6. Not Prepping for Arrival: If your moving van arrives at the new house only to find that you don’t have keys, aren’t scheduled to move in for a few days, or that there’s no parking out front, there could be major delivery delays. Make sure you have access to the new apartment or home and that you can get in without any hitches.

5. Forgetting to Eat: Loading up a moving van can take some time, and it may be a few hours before you’re on the road, so don’t forget to have snacks and water available.

4. Doing Too Much: It’s easy to become overworked on moving day, especially if you’ve been doing a lot of the heavy labor yourself. Be sure to take regular breaks and ask for help when you need it. Arriving at your new home too exhausted to help unload and unpack won’t be a help to anyone.

3. Leaving the House: Your biggest job on moving day is to oversee the packing and loading process. Yes, the movers are there to do the heavy lifting, but it’s up to you to make sure that everything gets put on the truck and is appropriately labeled. Expect to be on hand all day and provide information when it’s needed.

2. Glossing Over the Paperwork: Once the moving truck is packed, you might be eager to get everything signed so you can be on your way. However, the Bill of Lading that you’re given to sign is your contract and proof that everything was done in accordance with your wishes. Read it carefully and don’t sign anything you don’t agree with. (Don’t leave any areas blank, either.)

1. Not Being Packed: The number one error you can make on moving day is not having everything packed up and ready to go for the movers. Our schedule is dependent on yours, so these delays can impact your delivery date in a big way. Plan accordingly (or hire our moving team to pack for you) to avoid having to push your move back a few days—or even a few weeks.

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