Top Places to Visit after Moving to Chandler, AZ

Chandler is a large city situated in Maricopa County, Arizona, that provides visitors and residents alike with numerous parks, recreational facilities and cultural destinations that shouldn't be missed. The city is also home to many appealing eateries that are sure to satisfy. These 10 destinations will help you get a feel of the city when you're relocating to Chandler.

Arizona Railway Museum
Chandler-railwayIf you have any interest in trains or locomotives, the Arizona Railway Museum is a railroad museum that's dedicated to the railroads situated in Arizona and the entirety of the Southwestern United States. This intriguing museum is open from September to May each year. You can visit on either Saturday or Sunday between the hours of 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. Throughout this museum, you will be able to get both interior and exterior looks at a wide array of train cars that have passed through Arizona in the past century. Each train car comes with its own story, making this an educational and photographic destination.

Chandler Center for the Arts
The Chandler Center for the Arts is a spacious 1,500-seat theater in Chandler that provides guests with a large selection of performing arts events all throughout the year. These performances include everything from local plays to musical concerts with world-renowned artists. Within this center, you can also view a vast collection of art at the gallery. Exhibitions of paintings, sculptures and drawings are displayed every few months. Tickets can be purchased in person around an hour before the show or online. Varieties of events are held at the Chandler Center for the Arts each month, so whether you like ballet or jazz concerts, you'll find something to interest you.

Tumbleweed Park
Tumbleweed Park is a massive park and recreation center that provides visitors with fun and adventurous things to do. Not only does this 62,000-square-foot park offer numerous sports courts and fields, but it also comes with a wide range of classes and activities that children and adults alike can participate in throughout the year. If you wish to bring your laptop or mobile device, Wi-Fi is included within much of the park. When you're traveling with children, child watch services are available if needed. Within the recreation center, you'll find exercise and dance studios where you can take classes. Before exercising, use the locker rooms to change and store your non-workout clothes until you're finished. This park comes equipped with a complete fitness center, an indoor track for running, two racquetball courts and a gymnasium.

Paletas Betty
Paletas Betty is a contemporary ice cream shop that specializes primarily in fruit and cream pops of a Mexican variety although more traditional flavors are also offered. The menu is largely seasonal. Every dish on this menu uses some of the freshest ingredients available. Along with standard ice cream, Paletas Betty also offers a large selection of drinks that have been crafted with the combination of high-quality white tea and blends of fresh fruit. There are over two dozen flavors to select from, which are divided into classic flavors and light flavors. Traditional flavors like chocolate and strawberry are available, and each flavor makes use of a unique Mexican twist. You'll also be able to try a wide variety of flavors that you wouldn't typically find in the United States, from toronja to zanahoria. The former of these consists of fresh squeezed grapefruit that's topped with orange, and zanahoria combines carrot with banana, ginger and orange. No matter which flavor you choose, you're sure to leave satisfied.

Bondurant Racing School
Chandler-go-cartsIf you've ever wanted to learn how to race, the Bondurant Racing School gives you the chance to do so. However, this racing school isn't just for people who wish to become amateur or professional racecar drivers; it's also a school designed to make students more proficient behind the wheel, even in standard vehicles. By taking these training classes, your confidence in your driving skills will undoubtedly increase, allowing you to eliminate negative driving habits and build positive ones. There are nine courses available for you to choose from, all of which provide training with different aspects of driving. These courses include an advanced road racing class, high-performance driving, and a women's driving academy. No matter which of these courses you take, you'll be placed behind the wheel of an extremely powerful racecar. (Photo Credit:

Ostrich Festival
The Ostrich Festival is an annual festival that's been going on since 1988. This three-day festival takes place every March and is kicked off with an initial festival parade that's followed by the Mayor's Fun Run. Throughout the festival, you'll be able to watch national and local entertainment events complete with spectacular acts. You can visit a wide range of rides and attractions during the festival, including such favorites as the Frog Hopper, the Fireball, the Quasar and 1001 Nachts. For attractions, you can look forward to racing, a petting zoo and other exciting animal exhibits.

Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park
The Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park is a large motorsports venue in the city that offers a road course, an off-road course and a quarter-mile dragstrip. This motorsports park hosts a myriad of racing events during the year, holding races of many different types. Businesses can also choose to host events at this venue and are provided with everything they need to ensure that the event is a success. VIP parking is available if you wish to get a good spot for your vehicle when at the event. A variety of food and beverage vendors can be found on site during each event, allowing you to purchase refreshments over the course of the race. Each track comes equipped with comfortable seating and fantastic views of the event.

Floridino's Pizza & Pasta
Floridino's Pizza & Pasta is a cozy and comfortable Italian pizzeria that offers a vast selection of delectable dishes to choose from. The highlights of this pizza joint are the Italian-style muffins that are perfect as an appetizer. These muffins are stuffed with ground beef, ham, Italian sausage and mozzarella cheese. There are several additional pizza muffin options that you can select from the menu. Various

salads are also available if you're searching for a lighter meal, including a Greek salad and a Floridino's chef salad. While pizza and pasta are the most popular dishes here, you can choose a sandwich for your main entree if you wish. The restaurant's delicious sandwiches include the Floridino's steak sandwich and the meatball Parmigiana. Try the veggie lasagna or Fettuccine Primavera if pasta is on your mind. The numerous pizza options include a gourmet white pizza, spicy chicken pizza and meat deluxe pizza. For dessert, try the spumoni, a delightful Italian ice cream with chocolate, strawberry and pistachio flavors swirled together.

Rawhide Western Town & Event Center
Chandler-rawhideThe Rawhide Western Town & Event Center is a theme park and restaurant that features Wild West gunfights, live country music and delicious Western cuisine. This destination is open to the public every Friday through Sunday. There is a whole host of events that take place at this venue each year, from dog shows and paintball fights to festivals and conventions. At the steakhouse on the premises, guests are provided with an expansive menu filled with sumptuous dishes. Whether visiting for lunch or dinner, start your meal out with an appetizer of jalapeno chips or smokehouse wings. You should also consider the Caesar salad or steakhouse chili. There is a wide range of entrees available to choose from, such as the bone-in ribeye, filet mignon, pulled pork, large beef ribs, sage-crusted fried chicken and Gold Canyon burger. Once you've finished your meal, don't forget to top it off with dessert. The old fashioned-style apple crisp and ice cream sundae are particular favorites. A beer and wine list can be requested.

Fired Pie
Fired Pie is a pizzeria chain in Arizona that provides visitors with a wide array of pizza and salad dishes. The tasty pizza creations include everything from a standard veggie pizza to a meaty Italian pizza. The restaurant's salad creations include the spicy Southwest Salad and Valley Field Greens. You can choose to build your own salad or pizza. For salads, there are four greens and six types of dressing to choose from. When crafting a pizza, you're provided with choices of three crusts, seven sauces, seven cheeses, a dozen meats, nearly two dozen veggies, and three herbs to mix and match. Top your meal off with a Fired Pookie dessert.

With this list of top destinations to visit in Chandler, Arizona, you can be confident in your relocation to the city. While relocating can be a stressful process, having a list of interesting places to visit in the area can make the transition a smooth one.

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