• Mother's Day Gift Ideas

    by Patrick Redmond | May 06, 2016
    Mother's Day Gift Ideas. Nothing says “home” quite like mom. No matter where you live or how far away you’ve moved, you’ll always associate a warm, comfortable sense of belonging with the woman who gave you life. This Mother’s Day, give her a gift that shows your appreciation for all that she’s done.
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  • National Moving Month Tips and Guidelines

    by Patrick Redmond | May 05, 2016
    National Moving Month Tips and Guidelines. May is National Moving Month, a time we like to celebrate by spreading the word about how to find, hire, and work with moving companies in your area. Moving to a new home can be a stressful undertaking for any family, so by taking the time to select a mover compatible with your needs and budget, you can enjoy a more streamlined process from start to finish.
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  • Expat Guide to Vietnam

    by Patrick Redmond | May 04, 2016
    Expat Guide to Vietnam. In recent years, Vietnam has become an increasingly popular country for relocation. Although it’s not traditionally seen as an economic powerhouse or stepping stone on the way to a great career, the country is popular among those who want to enjoy a vibrant new setting or retire somewhere inexpensive and warm.
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  • Moving to Salt Lake City, Utah

    by Patrick Redmond | May 02, 2016
    Moving to Salt Lake City, Utah. The capital and most populous city in Utah, Salt Lake is well-known as a family-friendly metropolitan center with access to some of the best skiing the United States has to offer. Many people associate Salt Lake with the Mormon religion, as the town was founded by church leader Brigham Young, but although there are clear conservative values in place, it’s also a diverse and vibrant city with much to offer.
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  • Getting a Feel for the Neighborhood before You Buy

    by Patrick Redmond | Apr 29, 2016
    Getting a Feel for the Neighborhood before You Buy. Nothing sets the tone for a new home quite like the neighborhood where it’s located. Whether you’re after a sense of community and streets where your kids will feel safe, if you want nothing more than privacy and retreat from the place you call home, or if your goal is a hip and vibrant setting that’s up as late as you are, one thing remains true—your neighborhood is the most important factor in determining what your experience will be.
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