• Getting a Feel for the Neighborhood before You Buy

    by Patrick Redmond | Apr 29, 2016
    Getting a Feel for the Neighborhood before You Buy. Nothing sets the tone for a new home quite like the neighborhood where it’s located. Whether you’re after a sense of community and streets where your kids will feel safe, if you want nothing more than privacy and retreat from the place you call home, or if your goal is a hip and vibrant setting that’s up as late as you are, one thing remains true—your neighborhood is the most important factor in determining what your experience will be.
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  • Expat Resources to Russia

    by Patrick Redmond | Apr 27, 2016
    Expat Resources to Russia. Relocating to Russia can be a great adventure, but it can also be a huge culture shock—especially if you don’t speak the language or haven’t visited before. The first thing you should do before you move to Russia is stock up on winter weather gear. The second is to check out this list of helpful expat resources.
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  • What Can You Learn from a Home Sale?

    by Patrick Redmond | Apr 26, 2016
    What Can You Learn from a Home Sale? Before you put your home on the market and pack up to explore a new city, you might want to step back and examine other recent home sales in your area—the closer, the better. When it comes to determining home value and the likelihood of a fast sale, the most informative information is likely to come from your very own block.
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  • Habitat ReStore DeHavens Donation Event Promotion Guidelines

    by Ryan Cox | Apr 21, 2016
    North American Van Lines, DeHavens Transfer & Storage and the Durham Habitat for Humanity ReStore are excited to announce a promotional giveaway in collaboration with our partner, Richard Petty Motorsports, and the 2016 Durham Earth Day Festival. More information on this promotional event can be found at www.restoredurhamorange.org and www.dehavens.com .
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  • Top 10 California Bucket List

    by Patrick Redmond | Apr 20, 2016
    Top 10 California Bucket List. Whether you’re moving to California sometime soon, or if you’re just visiting and want to make the most out of your vacation, you’re probably looking for some sun and adventure. The good news is, you should find plenty of it in this 164,000 square mile playland. The bad news is, you probably won’t be able to hit every item on your to-do list right away.
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