• Moving to San Antonio, TX

    by Patrick Redmond | Feb 08, 2016
    Moving to San Antonio, TX. As the second largest city in Texas and one of the top 10 fastest growing cities in the United States, San Antonio is an incredible place to put down roots. Whether you’re already packing up the moving van to head to the American Southwest, or if you’re looking to relocate somewhere with warm temperatures and great economic opportunities, San Antonio should definitely be on your list of destinations to consider.
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  • Top School Districts Series - Southern Region

    by Patrick Redmond | Feb 05, 2016
    Top School Districts Series - Southern Region. For those fortunate enough to live in the South (or about to hire a moving van to make the transition), it’s no question that life here focuses on all the most important things. Family, community, long-standing traditions…all of them combine to create a unique backdrop unlike anywhere else in the world.
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  • Expat Guide to the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

    by Patrick Redmond | Feb 04, 2016
    Expat Guide to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). A few years ago, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was more desert than major metropolitan center, but this country has seen some of the largest and most explosive growth in the world. Thanks to huge oil and natural gas reserves, the UAE has been able to leverage its resources to become a global leader in healthcare, education, aviation, and energy. In fact, if you work in big business and are looking for a place where growth is almost guaranteed, this country should be at the top of your international relocation list.
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  • Questions to Ask the Seller's Agent

    by Patrick Redmond | Feb 01, 2016
    Questions to Ask the Seller's Agent. Congratulations! Moving to a new home is a big step; buying that home as an investment in your family’s future is an even bigger one. Whether you’re still in the information-gathering stages of your home purchase, or if you’re researching moving companies as you prepare for the big move, you’re one step closer to finally being home.
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  • Top 4 Reasons to Move to Las Vegas, Nevada

    by Ryan Cox | Jan 28, 2016
    When it comes to the range of tourism centric cities that define the cultural back bone of the Unites States, there aren’t many that come nearly as close as Las Vegas in terms of sheer scope in regards to its attractions, diverse economic strengths, and more. From an otherworldly assortment of nightlife experiences to its classically earned title as the “Entertainment Capital of the World,” it almost goes without saying that Las Vegas makes for a remarkably relevant stronghold of American culture, and one that is certainly worth visiting at least once.
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