They were very professional and they were contacting me constantly to make sure everything was set up. They were good, fast, and took care of my furniture.

Manual H  of  Eagle Pass, TX

There was good service and all of my items were handled professionally. None of my belongings were broken.

Vicki S  of  Walnut Creek, CA

I wasn't 100 percent satisfied. I had to call and see if they were coming the day of delivery, nobody contacted me.

Jessica And Jam C  of  Wilsonville, AL

The moving crew was very knowledgeable, friendly, careful with our things and they were very thoughtful with what they were doing.

David B  of  Houston, TX

I didn't have any probswith this move. It was icy and yucky weather and they did a good job in spite of it. I had a lot put into the garage because I had 2 different pick ups. Everything went very smoothly for me.

Jill W  of  ,

The driver and his people were great & worked hard but my dissatisfaction would have to be with the upper person in charge because they shorted me a day & it messed everything up.

James B  of  Las Vegas, NV

They did a good job. It was well organized. It was del on the day that I wanted. The movers did a great job.

Shirley D  of  Bloomfield Hills, MI

It was above average but not fabulous. Part of my coo coo clock is missing. The pendulum that makes the clock work is damaged. It is useless. The crew was dreadful. They were young, inexperienced, and need training, It was not the driver.

Pamela C  of  Cornelius, NC

The lack of the crew. The loading took 9 hours. The driver Peter was great and fantastic. Nick also was extremely helpful, but they needed a crew. The crew never arrived for loading.

Mary E  of  Fort Wayne, IN

The customer service was quick. We never had to wait for a return call. We never felt like we were just a number. Carol Helton, coordinated the move & this was our 2nd move w/ her. She was excellent.

Richard S  of  Hazelwood, MO

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