• Internet Safety Tips for Seniors

    by Patrick Redmond | May 27, 2015
    Internet Safety Tips for Seniors. Internet safety is important for all age groups, but senior citizens often require an extra layer of protection before they head online. Because this is a generation who didn’t grow up surrounded by technology and all its pitfalls, they are often unaware of the dangers that can lurk behind a fake virus protection plan or a pleading email from a stranger.
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  • 2015 Trend Designs for Children’s Rooms

    by Patrick Redmond | May 25, 2015
    2015 Trend Designs for Children’s Rooms. When it comes to decorating your home, no room is quite as much fun as the kids’ rooms. Because this is a place where imagination, color, activity, and play are encouraged, you can really let loose and do unique things you might not consider in a living room or formal dining area. From bright colors that pop to favorite video game themes, here are the top 2015 trends for decorating a kid-friendly space.
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  • 5 Tips for Dining Out with Children

    by Patrick Redmond | May 22, 2015
    5 Tips for Dining Out with Children. There always seems to be a lot more dining out whenever you move to a new home. Whether it’s because you’re spending time on the road between houses, exploring your new city restaurant by restaurant, or if you’re undergoing remodels and can’t get into your kitchen, you’ll most likely find yourself seated around a table that’s not your own.
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  • Home Security Systems

    by Patrick Redmond | May 21, 2015
    Home Security Systems. The safety and security of your home is important. After all, your home is where you keep your most precious belongings—including your family. While good locks, solid windows, and proper lighting can go a long way in making your home safe, few things can match an electronic home security system that adds an extra layer of protection.
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  • How to Select a Realtor

    by Patrick Redmond | May 20, 2015
    How to Select a Realtor. The real estate agent you hire to help you buy or sell your home determines how quickly you’ll be able to move, how much money you make from your transaction, and how positive your experience will be overall. Just as you’re careful deciding which moving company to hire for your transition, so too should you take the right steps to ensure that your home buying or selling experience is a success.
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