• 2015 List of the Top Golf Courses

    by Patrick Redmond | Oct 05, 2015
    2015 List of the Top Golf Courses. Hardcore golfers will tell you that every season is golf season (especially if you live somewhere like Florida), but autumn is still considered one of the most ideal times to hit the green. The courses aren’t as crowded as they are by vacationers in the summer months, the temperatures have cooled enough to be comfortable, and the sun still makes an occasional appearance.
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  • Top Crowdfunding Sites

    by Patrick Redmond | Oct 02, 2015
    Top Crowdfunding Sites. Crowdfunding websites are the way to go when you need to raise a lot of money in a short amount of time. By putting your story out on the web and reaching out to friends, family members, and the vast social network that connects us all, you can pay for everything from a project you’re excited about to the funeral of a loved one.
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  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    by Patrick Redmond | Oct 01, 2015
    Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Most people know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month because this is the time of year when pink ribbons and t-shirts come out in full force. Men and women of all ages sign up to participate in walks, fundraisers, and fairs to help raise money and awareness for this disease, which is the most common cancer in women all over the world
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  • Fall Home Maintenance: Driveway Repair

    by Patrick Redmond | Sep 30, 2015
    Fall Home Maintenance: Driveway Repair. Driveways tend to get neglected when it comes to annual home maintenance and repair. Whether you don’t feel qualified to take on a project as big as a driveway, or if you don’t feel it’s necessary to perform an inspection every year, it’s all too easy to ignore the cracks and drive a little bit slower the next time you pull in.
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  • Fall Home Maintenance: Deck & Porch

    by Patrick Redmond | Sep 28, 2015
    Fall Home Maintenance: Deck & Porch. One of the most expensive parts of any house is the outdoor deck and porch area. Although your outdoor living area doesn’t have the costly fixtures of a kitchen or bathroom, and there may not be quite as much detail put into the paint and wall hangings, the wood required to build a deck can quickly add up to thousands of dollars.
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