• Five Great Things to Do In San Diego

    by Patrick Redmond | Aug 22, 2014

    Things to do in San Diego for new residentsAs one of the more popular tourist cities in Southern California, you won’t run out of things to see and do in San Diego anytime soon. From famous sites like the San Diego Zoo and SeaWorld to the family-owned bistros and indie music venues tucked away on side streets, you could spend a lifetime exploring the area and still have more to discover.

    Just in case you don’t have enough to keep you busy, here are five great San Diego destinations to add to your list.

    1. Torrey Pines State Reserve: San Diego is known for its healthy lifestyle and outdoor adventures, and Torrey Pines State Reserve is a large part of that. Covered with hiking trails that run along the bluffs of the Pacific, you can enjoy the entire scope of the San Diego landscape, from pristine beaches to forested retreats. A hang gliding port (Torrey Pines Glider Port) nearby offers a little more high-adrenaline activity, if you want more than just a walk through nature.

    2. Del Mar Dog Beach: Also known as “North Beach” to locals, Del Mar Dog Beach is a perfect place to run free with your four-legged friends. A popular beach and surfing location all on its own, this dog-friendly park is open nine months of the year to all your canine companions.

    3. Seaport Village: Considered one of the best areas to go if you want shopping, dining, and entertainment all in one location, Seaport Village is a must-visit site for every San Diego tourist and new resident’s list. Because these 14 acres are on the water right next to downtown, it’s got a great location for sightseeing or merely enjoying the weather.

    4. San Diego Sand Castles: If you have kids (or if you love art and the beach), you might want to check out San Diego Sand Castles. This beachside artists offers personalized classes on sand sculpting and also often works on the beach so that spectators can sit back and watch. It makes a perfect stop on a day already spent out in the sun.

    5. San Diego Food Trucks: There’s no denying that the cuisine in San Diego is one of its biggest draws. With hundreds of fine dining and family restaurants to choose from, you’ll have a difficult time eating your way through the entire city. That’s why we recommend you start simple. Food trucks are very popular in this part of the state, and you’ll find many different delicious options all over the place. Learn what the choices are and where they’ll be at this handy online site.

    Your journey into San Diego’s many attractions is just beginning. Above all else, remember that the lifestyle here is one that encourages you to slow down, enjoy the sights, and bask in some of the best weather the United States has to offer.

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  • Help us Support your Community with Go North Habitat ReStore Donation Program

    by Patrick Redmond | Aug 19, 2014

    Habitat for Humanity PartnershipWe are excited to share a new partnership between northAmerican Van Lines and Habitat for Humanity International! Together our organizations have developed a first-of-its-kind national partnership in the moving industry with Habitat ReStore resale outlets called the Go North Habitat ReStore Donation Program.

    The new program will allow northAmerican customers with local Habitat ReStore locations in their area to donate household items to their local ReStore through a northAmerican moving team. Donated materials are tax deductible and will be sold by Habitat ReStores to raise funds to support their local house-building efforts.

    northAmerican customers can participate via donations through a participating northAmerican agent in the U.S. and Canada. The partnership provides an easy connection between local Habitat ReStores and moving customers who are looking to donate lightly used home goods such as appliances, furniture or even building materials in preparation for their move.

    For more information on the partnership and other ways northAmerican is supporting Habitat for Humanity International, please visit www.NorthAmerican.com/Habitat-for-Humanity.  If you are preparing for a move and are interested in participating in the Go North Habitat ReStore Donation Program, contact your local northAmerican moving agent for more information.

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  • Five Outdoor Living Spaces Great for Summer

    by Patrick Redmond | Aug 15, 2014

    Outdoor living spacesWhenever you’re selling or buying a home, it’s a good idea to check the outdoor living space as well as the indoor living space. With the right patio furniture, a cool breeze, and a drink in hand, you can almost double your home’s livability factor.

    These five incredible homes make the most of their landscaping to provide a wonderful escape. Which one would you prefer to call your own?

    1. Sunken Fire Pit: With or without the oceanfront view, this outdoor patio encourages entertaining and conversation. Fire pits add a visual appeal and help warm up those chilly summer nights, and creative homeowners can also do some cooking on site.

    Outdoor Kitchen: Most of us have a barbeque set up out back for all those summer culinary treats, but these homeowners take things one step further by setting up an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens run from the elaborate to the simple, but we like this one for being both accessible and cost-effective.

    Outdoor Stone Shower/Bath: You’d need quite a bit of privacy to make this one work, but there’s something about a rugged, outdoor bath that appeals to the nature lover in all of us. To make the most of this outdoor feature, it’s probably a good idea to live somewhere with year-round summer temperatures.

    Landscaping a Small Yard: You don’t have to have a huge yard in order to make a great outdoor retreat. You may not be able to head outdoors to toss a football around back here, but this space is great for entertaining and enjoying your own private retreat. 

    Apartment Balcony: For some people, even a small yard is a bit of a stretch. If you live in an apartment or condo, you might have only a few square feet to call your own. With the right furniture and some creative lighting, you can still enjoy an incredible balcony.

    While an unlimited home renovation budget can help in making an unforgettable outdoor retreat, not all the options require a mansion or millions of dollars. For many families, it’s all about making the most out of the space you have!

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  • NorthAmerican TV: Moving Terminology

    by Patrick Redmond | Aug 13, 2014
    Moving can be confusing and overwhelming. Educate yourself and better understand moving companies and the moving process with this NorthAmerican TV video: Moving Terminology. From this video you will learn moving lingo needed before you meet with potential moving companies.

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  • Friday Favorites: Movies about Moving

    by Patrick Redmond | Aug 08, 2014

    Movies about or with movingAny kind of major life event makes for a good, dramatic story—and moving to a new home falls under the “major life event” category. Although buying a house might not seem interesting enough to base an entire movie around, these five films about moving show that when it comes to relocating to a new home, there’s no shortage of things that can happen.

    1. Toy Story: In this classic kids’ tale about a group of toys that come to life whenever their owners aren’t around, moving creates the main story conflict. Feeding into childhood fears about being left behind, the toys band together to ensure that everyone makes it to the new house in one piece.

    2. Footloose: Whether you watch the 1984 version or the most recent 2011 remake, the main story of Footloose remains the same: a high school student is forced to move to a small town and encounters opposition in the form of antiquated mindsets and rules against dancing.

    3. Jumanji: Another kids’ movie, this one doesn’t play into fears about the act of moving so much as it does the fear of a new place. The old mansion the two children and their aunt move to is a lovely place…until they uncover a board game left behind that opens another dimension.

    4. The Money Pit: Featuring Tom Hanks and Shelley Long, The Money Pit tells the tale of what happens when the home you buy isn’t everything you bargained for. As the name suggests, their dream home quickly becomes a nightmare when they end up putting more and more money into renovations.

    5. Amityville Horror: This movie definitely isn’t for the kids. One of the most famous horror movies of all time, Amityville Horror shows what happens when a family movies into a house famous for having once been the site of a brutal murder.

    Comedy, family, drama, or horror—moving movies cover all the genres. If you’re worried about your move, it’s probably best to stick to one with a happy ending, especially if you’re trying to soothe childhood fears while you watch! Whatever your favorite genre, take a break for all that packing and worrying about your own move, to enjoy a movie about someone else’s move.

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