My company paid for this. If someone wants to spend the money, I'd recommend them. I had to call because the delivery was scheduled from the 15th and 21st. I had to call on the 18th because I didn't know. They then got a hold of me and confirmed delivery.

Brian D  of  Maricopa, AZ

Ron and Tari, they were excellent. We liked them so well that we had a picture taken before they left.

(Pbo) Caroline M  of  Sedona, AZ

The customer service was quick. We never had to wait for a return call. We never felt like we were just a number. Carol Helton, coordinated the move & this was our 2nd move w/ her. She was excellent.

Richard S  of  Hazelwood, MO

Everyone was very courteous, they moved very efficiently, they got it done when I wanted, they were professional, nothing was damaged & they stuck with their estimate.

Christopher F  of  Los Angeles, CA

The communication and the courtesy of North American. They went above and beyond to help me. They were also good at adjusting some things with me.

Virginia T  of  Waterford, MI

The del service was good. The driver was friendly. He went above & beyond in making sure that my breakable items were well covered. I needed a del date that would fall on a Tuesday or later in the week. But they told me that they couldn't del beyond that Monday.

Leonie B  of  Burbank, IL

North American was very good and fantastic. They even delivered everything before the scheduled time which was great. I haven't fully unpacked everything but there are a couple of items missing. I'm holding off on filing for those items just to make sure.

Michael Y  of  Irvine, CA

We are very pleased. We have used North American three times and have been very happy with the service.

Geoff O  of  Benson, AZ

North American Van Lines anticipated the move and answered any questions that I had. The driver and crew was 15 minutes early for my delivery.

William Barbara B  of  Falmouth, MA

They were very helpful w/us. We had some things to pack. They moved the things that we did have. They thanked us. They made the del b/f the date. The driver was good. We liked Danny, the driver.

Jessie W  of  Las Vegas, NV

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