Everything went smoothly and everyone was cordial. We were satisfied with the whole experience. There were 3 pieces of glass that were broken.

Maria A  of  Palm Coast, FL

I have not totally unpacked everything,but only 1 item was damaged.The driver was really good and so was the rep that I worked with.

Cathy W  of  Jackson, WY

They were very precise when the mgr checked out what I wanted to move and they were on time and I liked them the most out of 2 or 3 others.

Fran S  of  Kirkville, NY

Everything ended up being well taken care of. Nothing was broken. I had to call them a couple of times. Everything was wonderful.

John H  of  ,

The driver and the relationship. He was the local person who came and picked up and he drove them across country. The personal relationship I had with him; the trust and professionalism. If I could make the score higher for the driver and crew loading I would. I would rate the driver and crew who delivered above the top of the scale. I have already recommended them.

Elizabeth M  of  Chatham, NJ

Overall satisfaction with the care of my goods and the timeliness. Larry was responsive and called to check up on things.

Lisa T  of  San Antonio, TX

The customer service was quick. We never had to wait for a return call. We never felt like we were just a number. Carol Helton, coordinated the move & this was our 2nd move w/ her. She was excellent.

Richard S  of  Hazelwood, MO

Thee entire experience was good, I appreciate the care shown with my things. The team really took their time, and the crew was efficient and fast. The truck had a mechanical issue, but the experience was good. I had to wait an additional three days.

Joyce P  of  Columbia, MD

Everything that happened - I was stunned by how everything was done. Everyone was very courteous. Jesse, the driver, and his wife did a great job. I'm extremely satisfied with the service provided to me and my family.

Pete E  of  Portland, ME

The nature of the crew who was confident and good. The movers remembered the boxes that we needed. We went about a week without our furniture but it was delivered on the last day of the promise date. There was another household that got canceled and it made an impact on our delivery.

E.C. T  of  ,

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